because it’s about time.

And so it begins – the back burner. I’ve been meaning to do this for, well, way too long – and finally, here I am.

As a lover of all things literary, I had to come up with the perfect name for this blog. I knew what I wanted it to mean, and I knew what I wanted it to be, but I just couldn’t find the right words for so long. I tried so many things that weren’t quite right. Some didn’t make sense to anyone but me (and to my dear friends and patient mother who listened to my blog name woes for months). This one was too whimsical, that one was too content-specific. I needed a space for everything, a space for me. It had to be a little catchy and a lot Nikki.

And then it came to me, driving back from Richmond yesterday morning. I don’t know how I thought it up, or even why it immediately seemed so perfect, but here I am. Less than twenty-four hours later, here we are. the back burner. because it’s about time.

I will use this blog for me. For things I love, for things I hate, for things I cook. For pictures I take, for (maybe) stories I write, for ideas I have. I will share this blog with others – with my friends, with my family, and maybe with those I don’t even know. I have high expectations, and none at all. I am here. Because it’s about time.




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6 responses to “because it’s about time.

  1. Good luck! I just started my blog as well.

  2. Al

    Great! I’m excited to follow this!

  3. yay!! please put stories on here!!! i love you :-)

  4. jen

    ooooh finally a blog!! exciting :)

  5. jen

    oooh a blog finally!!! exciting :)

  6. Helen

    It was a Goldilocks quest … and this space is just right.


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