because of you!

Before i forget to do this, I want to give a little bloggerific shout to the people whose online spaces made the back burner exist in my head, even before it had a name “right” enough to exist on my screen. Thanks for the inspiration and the nagging (er, um, I mean, encouragement!). Here’s to you!

Peeps I know and love…and whose blogs are awesome :) – R of R in the Real World, Lauryn of Northside Nest and Lauryn Galloway Photography, The Garm of Taking a Bite.

Others I don’t (technically) know but who make me aspire to high levels of blog awesomeness – Andrea of Kempt, Nicole of Pinch My Salt, Martha of Nibs, John and Sherry of Young House Love, Katelyn of The Inspired Design.

And, super special thanks to my brother, Jake, for being the photographer of the amazing image used for my banner. Check out his Flickr. The dude is a genius.


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  1. So, I totally feel like you told me you started a blog, or maybe you told me you were thinking about it, but this is my very first time reading, and I’m so happy! and I’m so honored to be among the influential (a good influence, for a change). Love.

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