finally friday

Ahh, Friday. Fridays used to bring mixed emotions for me – for three years, I’ve worked almost every Friday night except for ones I requested off. But not anymore! This month, when I asked to cut back to two nights a week (here’s to mental health!), I got what I asked for. And I also got a three day weekends!

I have been working Tuesday and Thursday nights this month, and have hardly known what to do with myself on my weekends off. It’s been absolutely liberating – and a little bit depressing, when I realized that at the ripe old age of twenty-three, I had no idea what people do on Friday nights. Anyway, I’m slowly but surely figuring it out. And actually, tonight, after a quick romp at the gym, I’m going to work – for fun. Don’t judge, okay? My boss is starting a new thing – Acoustic Fridays and Vino. Pretty self-explanatory, but basically cool live tunes and featured wines from about 8 until 10. And tonight, the tunes go until 11, because tonight is the Great Guiness Toast. One month until St. Paddy’s Day!

Anyway, I’m excited about the evening ahead. Should be relaxing and fun – and give me lots of motivation to wake up tomorrow morning and work on grad school applications all day. There should be personal trainers for that kind of thing — you know, someone to be hovering over you as soon as you open your eyes to remind you that if you don’t write that personal statement or organize that writing sample, well, you’re not going to grad school. Actually, come to think of it, I don’t think that would work for me. My wake-up face is definitely not for the faint-hearted; not just anyone can stomach it. My brother, my dad and I all make the same terrifying face when we’re first woken up (mine’s not as bad as Dad’s, though). Just ask Al. He doesn’t even like to rouse me from a nap. Sad, right?

I’ll leave you with some happy pictures from my life this past week – a happy puppy with a snazzy new haircut, and a beautiful Valentine’s Day surprise from my very dearest Al. And check back tomorrow for sibling saturday. I told you, my brother’s a genius, so he gets a whole day on the back burner all to himself. Happy Friday!


a fancy new do, and everyone's favorite underbite :)


aren't they lovely?


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