(almost) halfway done

Well, friends, I did it. This morning, I mailed FOUR (count ’em) MFA applications! I woke up early yesterday, spent the morning hours with my nose in my computer – and a book, of course – at Barnes and Noble, and finally finished the first big deadline of applications. This process has been completely exhausting…I’m lucky to have Al, who went through the whole thing a few months ago. He’s good at reminding me that they will get done. As long as I do them, that is.

Anyway, I have officially turned in SEVEN (count ’em again) grad school applications. This is the part where you’re gasping for air, wondering how in the world I’m applying to grad school when last time you checked I didn’t even know what I wanted to go to grad school for. Well, get that big breath and listen up – you’re not behind the times. I still am not completely sure what I want to do, which is why, after seven completed applications, I still have eight more to do. Absurd? Perhaps. Obscene? Right now, I think so. But necessary? Absolutely. After all, a girl needs options!

I’m interested in so many things that I just can’t seem to pick one. I’m hoping that this application process will do the picking for me – you know, survival of the fittest and all that. I would be thrilled to attend any of the fine institutions I’m applying to (well, almost any) and am looking forward to making plans with Al for the year ahead.

But, since all of that eventual planning will be sure to take up lots of time, we’re taking a little break from real life this weekend – we’re picking up and heading to the Outer Banks with a few of our favorite people. Though the OBX probably won’t look quite like this

this weekend, the sentiment will be there. No work, no worries, and plenty of wine. It’s a long-awaited vacation, and I feel certain I’ll be ready to tackle those eight remaining applications upon my return to (as R. calls it) Charlottesvegas. Happy Monday!


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  1. R

    8 more! My head is spinning, Niknak! You manage your time so well; I’m impressed.

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