back in action.

I’m baaaaaaaack!

Yes, it’s true, [insert sobbing here] I’m back from the land of the sand and the sea. After a much-needed vacation, I’m back in Charlottesville and into the swing of that thing that is my life.

We had a great crowd at the beach. Alex, Will, Helen, and I caravan-ed down, and picked up Grandma and Pop Pop (Alex’s grandparents) on the way. Stuart and Melissa met us there, and by the time you factor in Grandma’s cat and Charlie and Roxie, we had a full house! It was so relaxing to be there without having anything to worry about – I had finished what needed to be finished at work, only had a few pressing grad school application items to work on, and I really got to just enjoy taking a break.

It was cold and windy, but we had a couple of days filled with gorgeous sunshine. All in all, we enjoyed our share of delicious food and drink, a little bit of shopping (even the boys came!), and loads of amazing stories from Grandma and Pop Pop. I think it’s safe to say it’s just what all eight (oops – eleven, sorry, furry friends) of us needed.

Probably the best part of the entire trip was experiencing Roxie’s first visit to the beach. I had no idea how she’d react to the sand and the waves, and let’s just say she reacted to it just like she reacts to everything else. With a lot of joy and little to no restraint, she was totally living it up. Honestly, I’ve never seen her run as fast as she was running on the sand. She looked hilarious the entire time, with her hair blowing around and her teeth poking out. Since I’m sure you’re anxiously awaiting them, here are some pics from the trip (with more to come once I put the images from Alex’s camera onto my computer):

brother and sister in the back seat on the trip!

beautiful, right?

running! check out her hair!

big & little paw prints :)

i love this one, for some reason

epic shot of al

wind + hair = should have had a ponytail

Okay, so maybe I overdid it on the pics a little, but hey, I’ve been gone for a while. Look for Alex’s camera’s beach pictures later this week, and if you’re lucky, for some delicious pics of applesauce spice muffins! And, of course, Sibling Saturday this weekend! Glad to be home, and back to the back burner. Happy Monday!


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  1. R

    I love those pics of you and Alex! They’re megaepic; I’m glad you’re back!

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