good news!

I have one! I have a place to go! As of last night, I’ve been accepted to an MFA program for Fiction Writing!

I got a phone call last night from the Program Director of the MFA Program at Queens University of Charlotte, which I missed (great job, Nik). I listened to the message, which said that he’d just finished reading my application and would like to talk to me about it. I had no idea what to expect when I called him back, but after the who’s who and thanks-for-callings, he said “I would like to offer you admission to MFA program in Fiction Writing at Queens University of Charlotte.”


I was totally in shock – I think I said “thank you so much” about thirty-eight times over the course of our ten-minute conversation. And, not only did he offer me admission, he was totally trying to get me to pick their program! He said a lot of rockin’ stuff to me, like “Your writing has a great line-by-line quality” and “Your work has a very writerly presence, in the best of ways” (yes, I was crazily jotting down notes while we spoke). He gave me a short list of faculty members that he thought would push me to the best of my abilities and be a good fit as an advisor for me, told me about the program’s beliefs about workshop and the residency, and said that he thought after I’d looked everything over I would find that “the program at Queens would be a really great fit.”

I was (and still am) ecstatic to have heard from a place that’s realistic for me to attend. It’s close by compared to some of the programs, and is also very affordable. We’ll see what happens – like I keep saying, there are still a lot of programs I’ll be waiting to hear from. It’s just nice to know that the options are starting to present themselves!

This post goes out to Queens University of Charlotte – for making my week. :)


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  1. yayyyyyy congrats love!

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