Isn’t it wonderful to give yourself something you need without even realizing it? That’s exactly how this weekend was for me – I knew I had to work Friday night and that Alex would be batteau-ing on Saturday and Sunday, but I hadn’t made plans for the days he’d be gone. I knew I was going to the gym on Saturday, but that was about it. My mom called me on Saturday morning to say that she wanted to hang out, and that set my lovely weekend in motion.

She came to Charlottesville and we had lunch at my apartment, which was totally delish. We did a little shopping and then Mom invited me to come home for dinner at Ida Mae’s. Roxie and I packed up our stuff (okay, fine, I packed, she watched) and headed down 64. We ate a delicious dinner of pork chop casserole, green beans, and macaroni and cheese. It was so nice to hang out with Mom and Dad without being on a super-tight schedule. I did some work that I needed to get done on the computer, and believe it or not, relaxed.

Today was just the same – I woke up, ate breakfast, took a shower, went walking with Mom and Raja and Roxie, sat outside in the gorgeous weather with Mom, and then took a nap before heading back to Charlottesville. It was perfect – so relaxing, so un-stressful, so wonderful. I didn’t realize that I needed to be somewhere other than my apartment to do that until I had already been talked into going home (thanks, Mom!), and I’m so glad I went.

I’ll be glad this coming week for my restful weekend – I’m closing four nights at McGs on top of the day job. It’s St. Paddy’s season!

I hope that weekends all over were as enjoyable as mine – here’s a quick pic from Friday afternoon. I should take lessons from Roxie. I mean, there’s a girl who knows how to relax.

who doesn't love rabbie?

Also, as promised, here’s a pic of my Applesauce Spice Muffins (recipe from Pinch My Salt). They’re easy to make, and are an awesome breakfast on-the-go. Nicole from Pinch My Salt recommends using King Arthur flour whenever possible, and this is the first time I’d taken her advice. Let’s just say…she speaks the truth. I used the White Whole Wheat, and the muffins were more delicious than ever before. The consistency was perfect, and they weren’t dry at all (as baked goods made with whole wheat flour can sometimes be). I’d definitely recommend the recipe – in fact, I’m making some more this week since Dad ate about half my batch while I was still at home after making them. :)

I may be MIA for the next couple of weeks, or at least a little more than usual. The McGs schedule is totally crazy right now, but hopefully I’ll be at least a little richer when things slow down. Cheers!



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  1. R

    I love Rabbie! And your muffins look absolutely scrumptious!

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