i heart books.

I was right – over the next couple of weeks, the back burner might be just that. On the back burner. Monday night was my only night off this week until Sunday, but luckily I’ve got a few extra minutes this morning. So, here I am!

Last night was Art Drinks, which was a great success. Fellini’s opened the windows, so it was nice and airy and Springy even in their dark and cozy atmosphere. Jen came to C-ville after work, and it was so wonderful to see her! We came back to my apartment after Art Drinks and made a delicious (if a bit hodge-podge) dinner and spent the rest of the evening just catching up.

This morning, Alex and I vowed to take the dogs down to the river before 7am for a good pre-work walk, and we almost did it! I can’t speak for Al, but for me, 6:30 came a little earlier than expected, and getting the dogs in the car and driving seemed a little exhausting, so instead we were walking around our neighborhood at around 7:10. That’s pretty good, right? Even though it’s cloudy here today, the temperature is perfect and the air tastes fresh. We had a great time, and the pups did, too. We’re going to try to do that more and more, I think. It’s definitely worth the sacrifice of a half hour or so of sleep.

Inspired by R’s thoughts on her latest read, I wanted to fill you guys in about the book that’s been on my bedside table (and in my purse, and in my coffee table, and in my hand while I’m cooking dinner) most recently. Purchased at Helen’s suggestion, Cowboys Are My Weakness is a collection of short stories by Pam Houston. I’ve enjoyed having this book around more than I expected – the review snippet on the front cover says “Houston’s voice is bright, edgy, and ruefully self-conscious as she rewrites the old heterosexual blues,” and quite frankly, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

While these stories are totally about the age-old struggle (yes, they’re L-word stories) between men and women, they’re not necessarily what you’d think. The protagonists are self-aware and intelligent, and more than anything the stories are about them. It’s not just boy-meets-girl, there are friends and dogs and settings that carry these stories into a new level of the literary. Houston’s voice and tone are impeccable, and there is a passion in her writing (for men and for nature and the earth and for her dogs and her friends) that keeps me coming back for more.

The best part about this book is that it fit right into my crazy schedule! When I had time, I could sit down and read four stories at once, but each story is short enough that you feel fulfilled after even the smallest break from reality, curled up on a big purple couch with your dog’s face staring up at you wondering why you’re not on a walk. :)

Anyway, check it out if you’ve got time, and happy almost weekend!


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