another day, another dollar…

I feel so grateful that the rain is supposed to stop at some point tomorrow – I’m sure those of you in Central Virginia know what I mean. The latter half of this week has been so dreary. If I’m going to make it through the next six days, I’m definitely going to need some sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, however, let’s get a big hip-hip-hooray for this morning’s Spring Forward! Even though I’ve been completely cut off from any reality that doesn’t involve Guinness or corned beef & cabbage for the past week and actually had no clue what was wrong with my phone this morning when it didn’t match my bedside clock, I’m so excited for longer days! I love this time of year – slowly but surely, it’s getting warmer and the light is lasting longer. It puts me in bright spirits every year, this simple reminder that spring and summer are not far away.

This week will be another crazy one…four more nights at McG’s! I’ll be ready for a break when I finally get one next Sunday! It’s also the last week of my writing class, which means I’ll go back to having Friday mornings to myself after this week. Charlottesville’s annual Virginia Festival of the Book is this week, and I’m really upset that I’m working during almost every event. There’s one in particular that I really want to attend – one of the writers on the faculty at Queens, Elizabeth Strout, is participating in American Accents: An Evening with Four Distinguished Authors. When I spoke with Fred (the Queens MFA Director) a few weeks ago, he mentioned Ms. Strout as one of the faculty members with whom he felt I would work well. I would love to have the opportunity to hear her speak, but alas, I’ll be balancing baskets of wings and cheese fries while she shares her wisdom at the Paramount downtown. Boo.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I’m going to be doing come this summer and next year (funny how I still think of years in terms of the academic calendar – “the year” starts in August/September). Throughout my entire life, I’ve always known what’s coming next. Even in my senior year of college, I knew my plans for the coming year by the end of November! There’s never been much guesswork involved in my life plan up until this point, and now here I am not even knowing where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing just three months down the road.

My lease in C-vegas runs through mid-July, but I’m not married to the idea of staying here until the very last day. Once we figure out where we’re going, I may end up heading out a little sooner. But that’s the thing – I don’t know! It’s exhilarating for me in a lot of ways – I’ve always been a planner, and it’s nice to not have such a big say in things for once. I’m going with the flow, and I’m excited about it! The only thing I am planning for sure are all of the cool projects I’m going to do in our new place – new wall paint colors, creative DIY undertakings, and maybe even some small-scale gardening. Anybody know of a few easy crops that can prosper in big pots on a balcony or back deck (because that’s right, I don’t know which one – if either – we’ll have!)?

I’m looking forward to what’s coming up, even though I’m not sure entirely what the (near) future holds. I’m ready for what happens next, and excited to find out what it’s going to be. Here’s to what’s to come!

To end your weekend (or start your week off) in the best possible way, here are some pics snapped in a quick photo shoot of the Roxinator yesterday afternoon – involving a huge bone I bought her at the grocery store that put her in a food coma for hours. Enjoy!

that's the bone when she'd already eaten half of it...

so jolly! and all it took was $2.19 - thank you, kroger.

i love this one. she was so full!

can't. eat. any. more. (one bone down, hours of immobility still to come)

Take advice from Roxie this week – eat too much, lay around, and have the time of your life. Cheers! :)


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