still alive.

Well, faithful friends, I made it. St. Patrick’s Day is over, and here I am. Still alive and kicking, if a little worn out.

It’s been an eventful week thus far – even outside of McGs. The last day of my writing class was yesterday, and then after that I went to Williamsburg for outlet shopping with my mom and Tammy! It was just what I needed – a little retail therapy and a change of scenery. I’m back in Cville today, and trying to relax before this week’s fourth shift at the best Irish Pub in town. :)

Rox and I took a great walk earlier today; she was so pooped out afterward! It’s so funny when her little pink tongue is hanging out. At over 70 degrees today, it’s hotter than she’s felt it in a while. I am certainly not complaining, and she’s not complaining anymore considering she’s curled up underneath the deck chair I’m in on our balcony right now.

I can hardly believe there are only three hours between now and when I have to be back at work. I’ll be so happy to be back to normal next week. I’m going to read a bit and maybe take a nice nap before heading that way.

I’m starting a pottery class in two weeks – exciting, huh? It’s actually call “Handbuilding with Clay,” and is offered by one of the artists in Charlottesville’s McGuffey Art Center. I’m super pumped about it, and am excited to try something new. I had planned to take it in the winter, but then the writing class came along and I just couldn’t pass it up. So, I postponed it a little and am so excited for it to start!

Anyway, my apologies for having been blabbing the past two weeks about nothing but work, work, and more work. After tonight, I think my brain will be back to normal and I’ll be able to let it think about a few other things. I’m ready for that, and I’m sure you are too. Enjoy the beautiful weather today, and look for Sibling Saturday right after this!


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