here’s to new beginnings!

And, here it is – the news you’ve all been waiting for. Where will Nikki be next year? Where will she and Al (and Charles and Roxie) go to continue their life of happiness and higher education? The verdict is in – and we’re moving to LYNCHBURG!

Alex got THE call today – Lynchburg College called him, told him they just finished reading his application, and offered him admission the program. We are already super excited – this has been a long time coming for Al, and he’s spent a long time working for this result. Lynchburg will be affordable, comfortable, and still close to our friends and family. We can’t wait for what’s to come – I promise more updates are on their way when we figure out more details.

Congratulations, Alex! If anyone deserves this, my dear, it’s you. So proud of you!

Happy Hump Day, from me and my babies (see below). Charlie wasn’t quite ready for the picture…don’t judge. :)



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4 responses to “here’s to new beginnings!

  1. jen

    Yay congrats to Alex!!! So happy for you two!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! Can’t wait til we have a new place for you to visit :)

  3. Yay thats so exciting!!

  4. R

    Whooohooooo! Thanks be to Alex for not taking you too far away! :-)

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