to the big city.

After yet another c-r-azy week, I’ve gotten good news, taken a trip, started a balcony garden, and spent time with my family and friends! Here’s to getting a lot accomplished!

In case any of you Charlottesvillians have never been to Bang, you absolutely must. I can’t believe I’ve lived here for almost five years and had never been until this week. On Wednesday, the day that Alex found out his big news, he and I were already planning to go out to dinner. It ended up being perfect timing, because we got to celebrate with a special night on the town. We went to Bang, which is a house converted to a restaurant in downtown C-ville. Their food is described as “Asian fusion tapas,” and it is out of this world.

On Wednesdays, they have $6 nights – which we didn’t even know until we got there! There is a selected menu (with martinis, wine, and tapas) of things that only cost $6, making the food not only delicious but super affordable. You can also order anything off of the regular menu at regular price if you prefer. Alex and I had blackened tuna with eggplant, tempura spicy shrimp, pork spring rolls, sliders, and kale tortellini. The spring rolls were my least favorite (still great, just not my thing), and the kale tortellini had a brown butter sauce on it that made for a stellar combination. I enjoyed a grapefruit martini, and Al had his usual out-to-dinner drink – a gin martini, just a tad dry, with two (or three) olives. The man takes after his father. :)

In other news, my herbs are doing swimmingly on the balcony! Sebastian was kind enough to take care of them for me when I was away for the past few nights, and I can’t wait to start using them! Here’s a view of them from earlier this week (rosemary on the left, oregano on the right):

After work on Thursday, I headed home to Goochland for a trip to the Northern VA/DC area with my family. Jake is still trying to decide where he wants to go to college, and we trekked to George Mason University with him. I tagged along for the ride because I’ve done the metro/subway thing before, and even though I’m not sure how much help I was, I was glad to travel with J and the rents.

When Jacob went to class on Friday, we met up with Marg (okay, more like she drove to meet us at our hotel) and we all went to Old Towne Alexandria. It was really fun, despite the freezing cold weather. Here’s me and Marg looking over the water down at the duckies in Old Towne and my parents being happy tourists:

We had a lot of fun on our short visit to Alexandria, and the coolest place we went there was the Torpedo Factory Art Center. It’s a lot like C-ville’s McGuffey, in that it is full of artist studios and gallery spaces. There were so many different types of artists working and exhibiting there, and we only had time to tour the first floor (there are three)! I had heard of the Torpedo Factory just through my job, and in fact we have one of their post cards on our bulletin board. I’d never been, though, and I’m really glad we got to stop in.

After we had a beer and some nachos in Old Towne, we headed back to GMU to get Jake. Marg went back home, and we all (well, except Mom) took a nap in the room. Once we finally got motivated, we drove to the Vienna metro station, and metro-ed into DC. We met Margaret at her stop, and we all ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe in the city. Marg, Jake and I wandered around the streets of DC for a while – which we could do thanks to Marg’s sick nasty tour guide skills – while we were waiting for a table at HRC. Overall, it was an awesome trip.

And now, I’m back again…and preparing myself for potentially 11 hours at the pub I should just start calling home. :) Look for updates early next week about my travels tomorrow – I’m going to see Wicked on tour in Richmond at the Landmark Theater!



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4 responses to “to the big city.

  1. jen

    I’ve been to the Torpedo Factory Art Center before! It’s a cool place right near my uncle and aunt’s house. Glad yall enjoyed the trip to DC!

  2. R

    Did you plant the seeds or transplant the herbs? They’re huge!

  3. R, bought the plants at The Fifth Season. Don’t worry, they didn’t grow from seeds that much in a week!

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