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sibling saturday [10]

I’m early! Yesssssssss.

It’s true — it’s 12:15 on Saturday morning and I’m posting Sibling Saturday. Wooooooo!

Check J out online, you won’t regret it.

And check this out — looks like a magazine, huh? Happy Weekend, friends. :)


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a thorough thursday.

Stuff accomplished at work – check.

Interview in Richmond – check.

Returning of clothes I bought for said interview and didn’t wear – check.

Quality time with Al – check.

Dinner and drinks with Helen – check.

Back home in time to witness the rager downstairs – check.

Still in bed by midnight – check.

A thorough Thursday. A good day. :)

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In the first day of my no-more-wasting-time plan, I feel accomplished. To start off the day, I walked to work! It’s just over a mile, I think, but it always makes me feel so much better. The weather was perfect for it this morning, too — a little chilly when I first started out, but the combination of a brisk pace and the 9am sunshine warmed me up in no time without making it too toasty. :)

I also brought home my first two finished pieces from my pottery class today! They were both sort of accidental creations, made from scraps from other projects. That’s actually why I finished them first — I had no grand plans for either of them, so I just used up some (really awesome) leftover glaze that my instructor had on hand and got them done last week. Here they are:

Here’s the soap dish in use in my kitchen:

And the other little thingie after I found the perfect use for it on my vanity:

Aren’t they cool? I’m really happy with how they turned out, and can’t wait for the rest of my stuff to be fired! I haven’t used any more of the spotty glazes so far, because there was only a little bit of all of them left, and the rest of my pieces are bigger than these. I’m excited about the colors I’ve used for everything, though. It’s all going to look great in our new apartment!

After class I had a productive day at work, came home, made eggplant parmesan (but forgot to take pictures. ughhhhh.), and then did a little shopping with R. for an exciting thing I’ve got going on tomorrow. Anyway, all in all, it was a good day. What better way to not waste time than to stay busy?

Happy Hump Day. It’s almost the weekend! :)

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none to waste.

And yes, I’m talking about time. I waste too much time — I surf the internet aimlessly, looking for jobs on the same websites ten times in a row, checking my bank account like money’s going to disappear since the last time I looked, making no progress. I watch too much tv, too, although I usually just put it on as background noise for the world-wide-web rendezvous. I have an addiction to crime dramas – CSI, Law & Order, you name it. It’s even expanded to Cold Case, Criminal Minds, NCIS – if one of these shows is on, I’ve got the tv on. I don’t always pay attention, and in fact I often fall asleep, but still. Something must be done.

I need to stop wasting time. I need to read more, and write more, and concentrate more. And I’m going to. I have almost a whole shelf of books that need to be read, and a whole slew of ideas in my head that need to be transcribed. No more wasting time. It’s time to get productive.

Wish me luck.


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on the right foot.

Thanks to Alex, I started this week on the right foot with a delicious dinner. I was in charge of the veggies, and so of course I made my signature favorite — sauteed zucchini and onions with sesame seeds. Al made the most delicious steaks – the balsamic and mushroom reduction that he made was to die for! He also started the meal off with some grill-toasted French bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil…mmm. Here’s a glimpse of the tastiness:

In other news, when is this pollen going to go away? If you think it’s bugging you, check out what it does to Roxie (and happy Monday!):

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officially official.

Lease – signed. Keys – in hand. Landlord – SO COOL.

It’s officially official. We’re moving to Richmond, we’re doing it soon, and we’re ready.

Here’s another sneak peak of the new place (pre-cleaning, don’t worry!):

the outside!

living room!


spare bedroom/office!

our street!

I feel….accomplished. Next week, bring it on. :)


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sibling saturday [9]

J’s butterflies put mine to shame. Gorgeous, yes? :)

See more from Jake online.

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