movin’ on up…or down

And no, I don’t mean in a bad way. By down, I just mean south a little. Aka – to Lynchburg. The job hunt has begun – I’m currently searching high and low for exciting employment opportunities in good old L-burg. It’s tough already, especially since I haven’t decided exactly what type of job I’m looking for. Since I’ll probably be doing this low-res MFA program, it seems best from the scheduling standpoint to go with a part-timer. The pocketbook, however, says different. “I love full-time jobs! And benefits!” it whispers in my ear. So, I’ll keep you updated on that debacle.

In other news, what a gorgeous Easter weekend! I spent the majority of it in a bathing suit in my parents’ backyard, soaking up the sun (and reading, and sleeping, and – embarrassingly enough – snoring). We had dinner for Ida Mae’s birthday on Friday night, for which my pops cooked the best steak I’ve ever tastedand Mom made the dangerously delicious pudding cake. I should have taken pictures, everything was so good. Dangit.

Saturday night was the George Strait concert I bought Alex tickets to for his birthday! We had the best time – Al had never been to a concert that huge before, so it was totally awesome. Our seats were waaaaay better than we expected, and let’s be honest – George is epic.

On Easter morning, I went to sunrise service with my family, and then we lazed around the house together all day. It was, pretty much, exactly what I needed. A fantastically enjoyable and relaxing weekend that matched the weather perfectly.

Yesterday, I got another grad school call! This one was from the administrative director at the University of Nebraska MFA Program, telling me that I’d receive my acceptance stuff in the mail soon! It’s pretty exciting to get calls and emails from these people, which sometimes feels silly since I really have no idea who they are. Anyway, that leaves only 5 (only 5, ridiculous!) left to hear from!

After work yesterday evening, I went back to the Fifth Season to get some soil and containers to replant my herbs. Those little guys have been growing like crazy! While I was there, I also got some moss in an attempt to replant and revive my sad little Venus Fly Trap (courtesy of Jacob) that has never really liked my apartment much. The poor little thing, he just never has seemed too happy here…but hopefully this moss will perk him up a bit. They also had basil starter plants, which of course I can’t pass up. Here’s the most recent picture of our miniature balcony garden in the crisp Tuesday morning light:

The green pot is Sebastian’s apple tree, and the brown pot is the fly trap (it’s in there somewhere, I swear). I love them – and if you think they look good, you should take a whiff! All those herbies make a deep breath a dream out there.

In other news, Al and I are headed to Lynchburg on Thursday for an LC open house and to look at apartments! Wish us luck – I think it’ll be a lot of fun. Anyway, enjoy this weather. Take advice from Roxie – grab a toy, sit in as unladylike a pose as possible, and get comfy. Love!


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