Have you ever had one of those days that was really exciting, but that could have ended up really poorly or really perfectly? That was yesterday, in a nutshell, for Alex and me. We headed to Lynchburg yesterday morning to 1) look at an apartment and 2) go to an open house for the Lynchburg College Physical Therapy Program.

Let’s start with the apartment search. I’ve been looking for Lynchburg apartments since, well, the day Al found out he got into LC. I just like doing stuff like that, so I’ve been driving him crazy – sending him links and showing him pictures every day. There were a few places that really could have worked, but nothing we were crazy about. So when my boss told me that her boyfriend had an awesome landlord when he lived in Lburg, I got his phone number from them and called right away. What do you know – he had one opening up almost immediately.

Here’s what I knew going into it – the apartment was housed in a giant old Victorian house about a mile from where Al’s fam lives (aka a great area), it was 2 bedrooms, and had a washer and dryer in the apartment – which is unheard of in Charlottesville. Just those details were pretty much enough to sell me on it, and therefore I’ve been obscenely excited since I talked to the guy last week. Al, on the other hand, was much more realistic. Maybe the last four years have taught him that I can be just a little prone to over-enthusiasm. :) He didn’t let himself get excited about it until he saw it, because I guess he realized that if only one of us was super amped, only one of us could be crushed if it sucked.

Bottom line – there was no suckage. NONE. The place is AMAZING. The house is huge and old and awesome, the landlord lives in an apartment upstairs, and the other people there seem so nice and friendly and cool. But, as for the apartment, it’s the exact type of place I drool over in Cville and can’t afford. It’s a two bedroom, one-and-a-half bath place (also with an office), and it’s huge! The ceilings are at least 12 feet tall, I think more, it has old hardwood floors, and there’s tons of cool and quirky architectural/decorative things throughout the whole place.

There is a washer/dryer and a dishwasher, neither of which we have now, and a remarkable amount of storage space. There’s a walk-in pantry in the kitchen, the main bathroom is huge, and there are fireplaces, too. They don’t work, but hey, you can’t have it all. There are these cool built-in cabinet thingies in the main bedroom, and a big closet, too!

Here are the two best parts (see? how awesome is this?). There’s a huge bay window in the living room, which has little benches underneath for sitting and storage. It’s so cute! The family living there now is in the process of moving out and had all of their boxes piled up on the benches, but I could still tell I’m going to love that spot. Best part #2: We have a second entrance (as in, straight to the oustide, separate from the one in the big shared foyer) that goes out to a perfect little deck that actually joins the huge main front porch. That deck has steps down to what the landlord described as “your own personal yard” (!!!). It’s essentially a section of the big yard that we have perfect access to from our side door! There’s a huge gorgeous tree that shades a big part of it, and let’s just say I can’t wait to get my lawn chairs out there for some serious R&R.

I’m so happy about the outdoor space for so many reasons – our furry babies, for one. It will be so nice to just walk straight out and take them out! I have never had that luxury in this city – always steps. Tons of steps. Also, the landlord is so cool that I’m almost positive he’ll let me plant a little garden in that yard area. I’m thinking squash or zucchini, at the very least. My favorite. :)

So, after we absolutely fell in love with this apartment, we went to LC for the open house and presentation. Al, while having been super excited to get in, has been a little skeptical of the LC option. He’s from Lburg, as you know, and hadn’t really been prepared to move back so soon. Also, it’s the first year of the program there. They’re starting it with tons of backing from lots of health organizations in the area, including Centra Health, the hospital system, and the whole community is really excited about it. They’re still in the accreditation process because you can only start that when your first class enters, and naturally, that’s a little scary.

Anyway, we went to the program and it was very impressive. I mean, I’ve been to two other open houses with Alex since this whole process started, and this one really left nothing to be desired. With the exception of not having statistics about students (because they haven’t had any yet, duh), it was lacking nothing that the others had. The facility is going to be brand new – they’re still building! – and the faculty was recruited from all over the country! Also, the director of the program was actually a member of a “first class” of  his graduate program, so he could speak well to the concerns of the prospective and admitted students. Alex felt really great about it, and it was pretty much the best day ever.

We got back to Charlottesville last night, exhausted and excited and thrilled that the day went our way. Now, all I have to do is find a job! And pick out paint colors, and try to figure out the best way to arrange my furniture…did I mention that I forgot to take pictures? I know, I know, I said all along I was going to – but I was so in awe of the place when we were there that I was literally camera-in-hand and completely forgot. Lame. There will plenty of pictures to come in the future. Promise.

Anyway, sorry for writing a book, and if you’re still reading, thanks for hanging in there.

Happy almost-weekend!



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  1. How wonderful for you both! Rah!

  2. lauryn

    yayyyyy I cant wait to see if and come visit! sounds so awesome!

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