monday, monday

Remember those flowers I showed you from Saturday morning? I’m so glad to have them already this week – funny how Monday comes so quickly after a nice, relaxing weekend.

After my farmer’s market and flower fun on Saturday, I headed back to my parents’ for the weekend. We’ve been going really often lately because of Al’s boat-buildling. Check out the batteau progress!

And of course, Charlie and Roxie are great co-builders – actually, they just run around and keep the boys company, but check them out. They look awfully cute doing it:

In case anyone’s wondering why I don’t just stay home for a weekend every now and then (and don’t think the totally sweet boat above is a good enough reason for travel), check out the view from the back door at Mom & Dads:

Doesn’t get much better than that! My favorite part of the weekend this time was the butterflies – they were all over the place! All of our lilac bushes were blooming, and they were enjoying them just like they always do. I caught one sneaking some hummingbird food, too, though. Aren’t they beautiful?

After enjoying the springtime sights this weekend, we headed to my mom’s sister’s house for a birthday lunch for my uncle. When we got back to Cville, Helen came over for dinner! We ate fresh kale, courtesy of the farmer’s market, and enjoyed the brisk air on the balcony (where we had to use a chair for our glasses because of my miniature garden). As usual, it was an amazing weekend…is it Friday again yet? :)



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2 responses to “monday, monday

  1. R

    Awh man, I loved that day we went to Goochland (you, Margaret and me) for that lay out in the sun day and yummilicious salads your mom made. That was one of my favorite days ever. Send hellos to your family for me!

  2. lauryn

    boat looks sweet! I think Jared was a little jealous :-)

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