changing directions.

So, it’s true! We’re going to Richmond! I don’t think I’ve ever been happier for and prouder of Al in the four years that I’ve known him – this has been his dream since before we even met. VCU is the Physical Therapy program to be at in Virginia. According to their website, they are the first PT program to be accredited in the state of Virginia, and are consistently ranked in the top 15% of programs in the United States by U.S. News and World Report. Ahhhhh! Alex worked so hard for this, and there isn’t a person on earth who deserves it more.

Luckily for me, I have resources in Richmond to help get this show on the road – because his program there starts in June! I’m meeting Lauryn in RVa tomorrow evening, and she’s going to help me scope out the apartment scene. I’m not even there yet, but I already don’t know what I’d do without her. It’s so nice to have the perspective of someone super-duper familiar with the area when you’re trying to move to a new spot.

This week has been kind of a blur, what with the good news on Monday evening and a hodge-podge of other things going on. Things at the day job have been absolutely nuts this week, but somehow I managed to get everything done (and only had to stay 15 minutes late today). It’s going to be a busy weekend and an even busier week next week (2 programs at work, 4 closing nights at McGs), but I’m going to try to fit some fun in there somewhere. Or, maybe, some more apartment viewing in Virginia’s lovely capital.

Sorry there are no pictures today – I’m slacking, I know. I should take some soon of the plants on the porch, though – the oregano is going insane out there! Anyway, have a fabulous Thursday, and don’t give up on me, ok? One of these days I’ll get into a routine on this thing.

Love! As always. :)


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  1. lauryn

    its gonna be sweet! :-)

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