new new beginnings.

As promised, I’m back in action for the second time today with an update about the big move to Cap City – what whaaaaat!

Last Friday, Lauryn drove me around the Fan in Richmond and I crazily wrote down tons of numbers of places for rent. Thanks to her, I got a great feel for the areas we can and can’t afford, do and don’t want to be, and generally speaking figured out what the heck is going on in downtown RVa.

On Monday, I headed back with Al – we had five appointments to see various different apartments. Due to multiple things, including the fact that we have two dogs and one of them weighs almost 100lbs, we have a lot of “wants.” That’s not bad, of course, but the problem is that so many landlords take issues with dogs. Especially in an area where there’s a large undergraduate population, I can totally understand that, but it’s still frustrating since we do take good care of R & C and since they’re such good pups.

Anyway, here was our laundry list of priorities (in no particular order), based on what we want/need/what we had had going for us at the place in Lburg:

  • enough space for us and our babies – ideally two bedrooms and an eat-in kitchen
  • an outdoor space – balcony, yard, etc (for Alex and me, who are both very solar-powered, and for our doggies, who obviously love a breath of fresh air whenever they can get it)
  • a washer/dryer – neither of us have ever had one in our actual apartment, and it would be really amazing not to have to frequent a laundromat…
  • more counter space in the kitchen (which isn’t difficult, considering that I currently have about a 1′ x 2′ slab of counter space in my kitchen now)
  • pets allowed with a reasonable pet deposit/pet rent
  • parking (wouldn’t have been an issue in Lynchburg, but in the Fan there’s almost never off-street parking)

I’m sure you’ve already figured out the point of this handy dandy list, but basically the big news is this: we’ve got it all. We found a place, about one mile from VCU and just over 2 from MCV (where Al will be), that boasts every single amenity we’d wanted.

The place we found is, of course, much more expensive than it would have been in Lynchburg, but is actually very similar to the place I raved about there. We’ve got one parking spot designated to our apartment, a nice deck AND little teeny fenced-in backyard. The kitchen has TONS of storage, and there’s a full-size washer/dryer in the apartment. We have the first floor of a row house in the Fan, and it’s a two bedroom, one bath place. The bedrooms are HUGE, and the setup is awesome. It has hardwood floors throughout, and the street is gorgeous. I can’t wait to start getting things moved in – which is going to start on May 15! Ahhhhh! We’re going to officially sign the lease this weekend (the landlord lives in Northern VA and is coming to meet us on Sunday), and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Although they don’t really show you much, here are some pics from when we saw the place (obviously the stuff in the photos doesn’t belong to us):

So it’s clearly not exactly what it’ll look like once we’re in, and you can’t see much because I don’t have a wide-angle lens, so look for more pics once we move in. :) Believe me, I’m sure I’ll be posting like a mad-woman.

So, once Sunday rolls around, it’s officially official – we’ve got things settled in Richmond! I’m excited, and will be even more so once I’ve gotten a job….that will help with that whole paying rent thing. Any ideas?

Happy Wednesday! :)


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  1. lauryn

    looks awesome!!

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