officially official.

Lease – signed. Keys – in hand. Landlord – SO COOL.

It’s officially official. We’re moving to Richmond, we’re doing it soon, and we’re ready.

Here’s another sneak peak of the new place (pre-cleaning, don’t worry!):

the outside!

living room!


spare bedroom/office!

our street!

I feel….accomplished. Next week, bring it on. :)



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6 responses to “officially official.

  1. Helen M.

    So, so rad.

  2. jen

    congrats!!!!!!!! im excited to see it :)

  3. lauryn

    yayyyy!! its so cute!

  4. Helen, Jen, and Lauryn – thank you! Can’t wait for y’all to see it in person. :)

  5. Kelly Anne

    That is WONDERFUL!! Congrats!

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