a weekend.

Friday boasted a haircut for Roxie (no more pollen in my bed!), lots of errands, and work. Check out the pup’s new do:

Saturday, I went to the Farmer’s Market, the Cville Spring Craftacular, ran some more errands, and then went to Goochland. I cheered the boys on while they worked on the batteau, taught my mom how to make some delicious martinis, and then had dinner with my parents, my aunt, the batteau boys, and some of my parents’ friends. The batteau is coming along swimmingly — check it out!

I had to be back to Cville early yesterday for a shift at McGs, but managed to get off early enough for a delicious Chinese takeout dinner. It had been so long since I’d eaten Chinese food! Mmm. Chicken lo mein….

In other news, mine and Alex’s lease at our new place starts in TWELVE DAYS! Ahhhh! I’m getting so excited. If only I was working a little bit less so I could actually move stuff/paint/get everything ready. :)

Happy Monday. Stay cool!


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  1. R

    Okay, I’m really upset. How did I miss the Craftacular??????????????? I’m seriously tee-owed. GAH.

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