all things new.

I must say, it’s a miracle that Sibling Saturday went up (barely) in time last week — if ever there is a period of time that can be called hectic, I’m in the middle of it. And the best part is — it’s for so many of the best reasons.

I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that the painting is done in our new apartment thanks to literally  my entire family (with the exception of the kitchen, which we haven’t decided if we’re going to paint yet), a ton of our odds and ends are moved in, we have internet, and I have another job interview lined up. All that on top of two shifts at McGs over the weekend and my normal amount of hours at work today. Great success. :)

I tried another recipe today…to be honest, I didn’t feel like cooking, but wanted to eat something halfway decent. I decided on a whole wheat orzo salad, inspired by my favorite food blog. Due to my preferences/my wallet/the things I forgot and remembered at Kroger and had in my fridge, my version is a little different. Believe it or not, I kept the tomatoes (gasp! me eating tomatoes? I know.)but  left out the olives. I also didn’t have red wine vinegar, so I made my own sauce using olive oil, white wine vinegar, a splash of pinot noir, and a splash of balsamic vinegarette. It’s totally delicious! I also added one shallot, and substituted my balcony herbs (basil, oregano, and a tiny bit of rosemary) for the ones listed in the recipe.

I made a bunch, to take to work this week and eat on the go. I left the feta separate, and plan to just mix it in as I prepare each serving. Here’s a little glimpse:

What’s great about this is that it can be served at room temperature if you serve it right away or refrigerated left over! I think it’s going to become one of my summertime favorites really quickly.

I hope your weekend was amazing!


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