to creating.

I picked up another set of work from my pottery class today — I also glazed four more pieces and have a few more to glaze next week! There’s something about making a thing, creating it with your own hands and mind and ideas, that is refreshing in a way all it’s own. Even if the project (and outcome) is amateur, there is still a certain calming pride that comes with having made it yourself. Here are a few views of my set of matching dishes (ignore the messy table in image #1):

These pieces are not perfect, and I love that about them. Their many imperfections remind me that I made them, and there is a calm and a pride in that. Creating, no matter what the genre, is exhilarating.

I think that these dishes are helping me talk myself into being brave enough to get an MFA.

Sweet dreams. :)



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2 responses to “to creating.

  1. Mom

    Looks like you do have some of my genes, and not only your Dad’s after all!!! Good work, kiddo! And not just the pottery….but the joy in it as well!

  2. The colors are beautiful. ;)

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