let fondness be our souvenir.

Carbon Leaf makes me think of a long time ago. I remember when we used to see them in tiny downtown Richmond venues for $5. I remember when we used to get mad when they played “18 and up” nights, because that meant we couldn’t go.

I remember when the five of us all started crying our eyes out when “Changeless” was used in our senior video. We sat on the floor, in the front of the auditorium, wondering if we’d miss the smile of the best friend sitting beside us. I feel blessed that I still see those beautiful smiles on a remarkably regular basis, and when geography is an issue, I can hear them on the phone. :)

And now, I go with Al to a (much more expensive) concert of that same band I fell in love with years ago, and he is a good boyfriend and listens for the fortieth time to my story about when I first heard Carbon Leaf and about how sappy I was in high school.

It used to be that every song I heard on the radio reminded me of other people, which is sometimes okay. But I think, more than anything, I like to let those songs remind me of myself.

Remind yourself here.


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  1. lauryn

    its really interesting for me to be so in love with Carbon Leaf in a romantic way, while hanging out with Godwin kids on a regular basis. CL started at Godwin so lots of those kids can’t stand them-and then there’s me. Loving them. Haha.

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