a f r a i d . Of leaving a job that’s been good to me — two of them, actually. Of not finding a new job in Richmond, and not being able to pay the bills. Of not finding my place, or, more accurately, not finding people that become as dear to me as the one I’ll leave. Of failing to harvest cilantro from my guacamole/salsa garden box. Of wearing myself out before I even spend one night in my new apartment. Of running out of time for everything — job hunting, enjoying this place, goodbyes. Of new beginnings.

t h a n k f u l . For our new apartment. For kind neighbors, whose sweet welcomes over the fence make me forget that half my life is in boxes inside and I have no comfortable place to sit. For Roxie, and the way she makes me laugh and the ways I know she loves me. For 90s music, and for singing it as loud as I can. For Al, who laughs with me at the 90s and who doesn’t roll his eyes when I sing at the top of my lungs. For my dear and generous family. For loving someone who is so worth it. For Charlottesville and the experience I’ve had here. For being closer to some and further away from others that I miss, and for knowing that they’ll all still be there no matter where they are. For sweet tea. For fresh vegetables from my parents’ garden, and for the zucchini plants that love their new home in my city backyard garden box. For new beginnings.



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2 responses to “polarity.

  1. lauryn

    :-) you will find a great job! and you can always come sit at our house. the couch is pretty comfy. love you!

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