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the end of an era.

Yesterday was the end. The real, live end. I clocked in, I did what I always do, and I clocked out. Actually, I forgot to clock out (as per norm) and had to turn around at the front door and retrace my final steps.

There were hugs and there were kind words, there was begging — for more time and for continued proximity. There were deep breaths and there were promises, promises to never be a stranger. There were goodbyes from customers, from co-workers, from everyone. And then I left.

Three years, four months and two weeks after I showed up, I left. I hugged back and I made promises and I smiled, and I skipped down the front steps just like I’ve done who knows how many times before.

And then I cried. I hit the last step, and was taken off guard by the temporary blindness of hot tears. By the time I unlocked my car, my face was drenched. I was just shy of sobbing. I called Alex.

“I’m done,” I said.

“How are you, babe?” he asked.

I could barely choke it out. “I’m crying.”

I couldn’t really say much else, so I told him I’d be home soon and hung up.

I really left. I left a great job, a fun place, and a family. When people ask where my family is, you know — in the middle of all this moving business, I never say Charlottesville. Because the family they’re asking about isn’t there. But I do have a family there, and an unforgettable one. Back there with the sweat and (sometimes) tears, the sauce-stained t-shirts and the ankles sticky from spilled Budweiser, I left a family I barely knew I had. I left them, right where I had been, and I cried all the way to my new home.

It was a good run. I may not need a tray or a memo pad next time, but I’ll bet I can’t stay gone for long.



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batteau festival.

When I say Batteau Festival, what I really mean is “the last day of the Battea Festival.” I didn’t bring my camera the first weekend I floated, so here are some snapshots from the final day aboard the Columbia Drifter — Cartersville to Maidens.

The view from the Columbia Drifter when I woke up on Saturday morning.

Me & Al!

Blackman, looking epic as usual.

Roxie staying cool.

Charlie lookin' fly.


All in all, a wonderful Festival — it doesn’t get much better than floating down the river with a crew of such fine gentlemen. :)

My apologies for the lack of posts here lately…I’m in Richmond for good as of Wednesday, and life should be back to normal sometime around then. Happy Sunday!


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sibling saturday [17]

I missed last week, since I was on the batteau, but I’m back in action with this week’s Sibling Saturday. Here’s a gorgeous and well-composed shot from J — see more on his Flickr page.

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I am between homes — driving at least an hour every day.

The batteau is in the water — some days are better for the boys than others, but the weekend I spent on it was like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.

My second beloved job is almost over — next Tuesday is my last day, and today I was coerced into having a party to celebrate my tenure (if you can call it that) the day before.

Earlier this week, I stir-fried a zucchini from my garden — totally delicious.

I still have no job in Richmond — the applications are being sent, but still no offers (and more importantly, paychecks).

Soon, I’ll come up for air.

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the week so far.

1. I’m getting married. (!!!!!)

2. For dinner last night, we ate salads with lettuce out of the garden!

3. I have a tiny serrano pepper on one of my plants, and a bazillion zucchinis starting to grow on their huge vines.

4. Our room in the new place is set up, bed made and everything. Success.

5. I have to work two shifts at McGrady’s tomorrow (I heart the World Cup) with an appreciation lunch with the other job in between.

6. I still have no job in Richmond.

7. I’m probably forgetting some more stuff.

8. I’m getting married. (!!!!!)

The end. For now. :)

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what’s next!

Holy mackerel, lovelies. It’s true. That’s my hand up there, with that rockin’ bling on it, thanks to The Back Burner’s very own Al. I had no idea, was totally surprised, and am so excited!

There will be more stories to come, I’m sure, but I couldn’t wait to share the news. Alex is a sneaky, sneaky man (as are all his friends + family + my father), and he’s also a real catch. ;)

(Excuse the oh-so-high-quality image, taken by my phone.)



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sibling saturday [16]

This should be on a calendar, or a notecard or something. Gorgeous!

J’s online here. Check it. Happy weekend. :)

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