fresh is best.

I made this pesto! Despite how easy it is and how much I love it, I’ve never made pesto until tonight. I used fresh basil from the giant plant in my balcony garden, and this stuff was obscenely delicious. According to Alex, “This is the best pesto I’ve ever tasted. That pesto you buy in the store is garbage.” Success.

We trekked to the new place earlier today, and thanks to the patience of a much-stronger-than-me boyfriend and my weakling arms, the addition of my giant eggplant-colored sofa to our living room really made it start to feel like home. It’s a great feeling, you know? When here and there are both messy from the move, and half of the stuff I’m looking for is here and half is there, it’s hard to feel like anywhere is home. I feel like I’m living in this weird in-between place, that’s a little of two cities and neither of them at the same time. The moral of the story is, it’s remarkable the peace of mind one piece of furniture can provide. For the couple hours we were there today, sitting on the couch in a room that we painted, we were home. And it felt really good.

Speaking of the new place, the box gardens are out of this world! I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks since I planted them. The veggie plants are growing like crazy, but unfortunately the herbs are getting eaten by some little critter. They’re pretty much just tiny stalks with no leaves at this point, which is sad but bearable. You live, you learn. Here’s the progress:

Check out those crazy zucchinis in the back. Whew! Can’t wait to eat those babies. I think I should probably start looking up recipes now in case they keep growing at this rate.

Tomorrow begins my last week at the day job. I’m excited, and undoubtedly a little depressed. It’s a job that’s been perfect for me, and it’s scary to leave there knowing I don’t have exact plans for the next step. Job searching sucks. And it continues tonight. Ok, maybe not tonight. It continues tomorrow. Good enough, right? :)

Cheers, friends. Happy Sunday night.



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11 responses to “fresh is best.

  1. Helen M.

    That pesto is killllling me. Off to the fridge …

  2. Just discovered your blog and I have to say, your words just flow! Homemade pesto…priceless!

  3. Lucky you – with all that greenery! Try not to stress over the job … you may be going from good to better.

  4. R

    Dude, you could’ve used my mortar and pestle!

  5. R

    PS: I may have to steal some zukes from your garden, but I’ll use it as just another excuse to come and visit you!

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