Unfortunately, my camera battery is dead. And my charger is in Richmond. And so, I don’t have a picture of the gorgeous bright feast for one that I just ate, but a description will have to do.

On today’s menu:

  • Foresty green curly kale, steamed with diced onions and black pepper. Compliments of the garden of mom and dad, picked on Tuesday morning.
  • Magenta beets, boiled to perfection and served with butter, salt and pepper. Compliments of that same amazing garden.
  • Organic whole wheat fettucini, drizzled with olive oil and topped with a tad of parmesan and a smidge of pepper.

It’s summertime. And the food shows it.

Happy Friday, lovers. Happy, happy Friday.



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2 responses to “mmm.

  1. R

    Whoa, I just found the BEST recipe for a chocolate cake that has BEETS in it!

    I will scan it to you on Monday!

    Lovelove! -R

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