batteau festival.

When I say Batteau Festival, what I really mean is “the last day of the Battea Festival.” I didn’t bring my camera the first weekend I floated, so here are some snapshots from the final day aboard the Columbia Drifter — Cartersville to Maidens.

The view from the Columbia Drifter when I woke up on Saturday morning.

Me & Al!

Blackman, looking epic as usual.

Roxie staying cool.

Charlie lookin' fly.


All in all, a wonderful Festival — it doesn’t get much better than floating down the river with a crew of such fine gentlemen. :)

My apologies for the lack of posts here lately…I’m in Richmond for good as of Wednesday, and life should be back to normal sometime around then. Happy Sunday!



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4 responses to “batteau festival.

  1. Gorgeous photos and OMG, Charlie and Roxie, so cute I want to put them in my pocket. Now that I’ve finished reading your post I can’t get the song “Floating down a river” out of my head! :)

  2. R

    LOOK at CBASS on the Batteau website! That makes me so happy; looks like a blast!

    • R, that’s a new update! When I posted this, that wasn’t the first picture! It’s so great! I’m so glad you posted about it, I never would have known.

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