So Al and I are finally getting reeeeeeally settled in our new place — you know, I’m starting to remember which cabinet I actually decided to put the measuring cups in and there are officially paintings on the wall. As all of this was happening, there was one tiny (but crucial) room that was struggling.

The bathroom.

As it was, it was cluttered and ignored. It doesn’t take much to make a bathroom usable — throw a couple of toothbrushes and and some TP in there and you’re in business. But, a homey bathroom makes all the difference (if you ask me). So, armed with a little money from Alex’s grandma (thanks, Gram!) I set out to Target to make the magic happen.

Here’s the bad news — I forgot to take “before” pictures. I can fill you in pretty easily, though — my toothbrush didn’t have a home so it was laid crazily on the sink, there was junk and extra toilet paper rolls on the back of the toilet, and the only textile in the room was the shower curtain that I bought from Urban Outfitters on clearance before we moved. Nothing had a real place, and everything was haphazardly flung around wherever it would fit. So, I headed to Target and the only things I had to buy to complete my bathroom makeover were a red bath rug and hand towel.

Using some baskets and dishes I already had laying around coupled with some fabulous-smelling soaps and bath salts that were a gift from Kathy, Alex’s mom, I totally revamped our teeny tiny little bathroom. Check out the pics, and let me know what you think! (And don’t worry — we still brush our teeth…the mirror hides a medicine cabinet that’s home to our toothbrushes and floss, among other b-room essentials.)

Happy holiday weekend, lovelies. Be safe and have fun! :)



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3 responses to “revamping.

  1. Looks fab! Love the shower curtain. I keep tp piled up in a basket – works for me. Good job.

  2. R


    I love it, think it’s absolutely wonderful! The red and green really work well against the white; very fresh. I can’t wait to see it in person!

  3. lauryn

    its so great!! i love it :-)

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