the real housewife of rva.

And, yes, I’m talking about myself. Since I am still officially unemployed, I’ve been referring to myself as a stay-at-home mother of two furry babies recently. It sounds better than saying I’m jobless, and being a doggie mom is a pretty important job, right?

But, it’s true. Thus continues the sad, sad tale of Nikki — still no job. I’m applying my little heart out, but talk about the worst possible time to be looking for work! The current job market is not exactly on my side, but I’m hopeful and motivated. Like my mom and Alex keep telling me — I’m doing everything I can do.

I’ve also applied to some bars and restaurants around here. Some of them are looking for part-time help, which could definitely keep me busy (at least, busier than I am now) for a while. Something is going to work out soon. I can feel it. :)

In other news, Al is rocking out in PT school. He is getting great grades and being a total physical therapy rock star. And no, I’m not biased. At all.

I had a brief photo shoot session with Charlie and Roxie the other day, and realized once I started writing this post that I haven’t uploaded the pictures yet. Check back soon for the hilarious pictures!

Happy Tuesday!



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2 responses to “the real housewife of rva.

  1. Fingers crossed for you :)

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