loyalty :)

Preface: Every night, when I crawl into bed, Roxie joins me. She curls up right against my chest and belly, lays her head on my shoulder, and goes to sleep. By the morning, she’s usually on her back at my ankles where the fan blows on her, but you get the point. She’s close by.

This morning, as Al and I tried to drag ourselves out of the bed, Roxie (as usual) came to crawl all over us as soon as we started talking. She batted at Al’s face, licked my neck, you know — her normal routine.

“She wouldn’t sleep with me when you were gone,” Al said, meaning the night I’d been at the beach.

“She wouldn’t?” I said. “Did you try to get her to?”

“I called her to try to see if she’d come up here,” he said.

“Why wouldn’t she?” I said.

“She was busy,” he said.

“Doing what?” I said.

“Laying on the floor,” he said.

I cracked up.

My furry girl missed me. And she made sure Alex knew it. :)



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2 responses to “loyalty :)

  1. Loyal dogs are the best, aren’t they? Yours is adorable :)

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