Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking a trip down 64 West to the lovely place where I spent the past five years of my life. I went first to my home base, of course — McGrady’s, duh. :) It was fantastic to see everyone, especially since I had good job news to tell them!

Then, I spent the evening with R. It was fabulous to see her, as always, and she even made me a delicious dinner (homemade mashed potatoes and grilled turkey & swiss, in case you’re wondering). She also used her newly brilliant knitting skills to teach me how to purl, which totally blew my mind. I mean, you’d be amazed the things you can do with two stitches. I want to try these! I also have this book:

compliments of Maama — it’s so cool. It has tons of knitting patterns in it, most of which I can’t really do yet because I don’t know how to slip stitches or yarn over or anything crazy like that, but some of them I could do! I also don’t know what it means to knit “wrong side.” Any ideas?

Today has been nice and relaxing…just the way I want the days leading up the new job to be. I walked the doggies, knitted, watched a little online television, and made some mint tea. Not bad, huh? I also figured out which books I’m taking to the OBX with me next week, which is super duper exciting. Nerdy? Yes. But to me, exciting. :)

More knitting pictures to come. Promise. Happy hump day!



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2 responses to “visiting.

  1. R

    Those are the washcloths that I was telling you about! Look easy, don’t they?? My yarn for my scarf should be in anytime, so I can finish it up! Whoowhoo! Your red scarf looks awesome; I’m impressed!

    • R

      PS, my dinner was kind of lame. I feel like it was for the birds and apologize for the lack of gourmeity of which your blog boasts.

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