9 to 5!

Actually, it’s 8:30 to 5, to be exact — with an hour-long lunch break worked in whenever I see fit! Yep, it’s true. I’m a workin’ girl.

And here’s the good news: so far, so good! This is actually my first ever full-time job, since I spent the last year slaving over cold beer and hot wings when I wasn’t behind my big Mac screen at my day job. And so here I am, being a reeeeeeaaaaaal liiiiiiiiiiive grown-up. And I’m doing okay!

The job is wonderful so far. It’s a great mix of different types of tasks and projects, and my co-workers are amazing. The two women I work under are charismatic, understanding, and honest, and I think (after my long two days of work there) that it’s really the perfect fit for me. I have my own office, which is small and quirky and needs lots of TLC before it’ll be a space that’s joyous enough to be my home for 40 hours every week. I can walk there — and while the weather is nice, I’m walking home for my lunch break, too! It’s totally refreshing and a nice distraction, and who doesn’t need a little exercise, right?

Anyway, this post probably seems a little crazy, but that’s about how I feel right now. It’s funny how two days of a new schedule can be so exhausting! I’m so ready to see where this job takes me — you know, as far as life is concerned. But as far as tonight is concerned, I’m already ready for bed.

Sweet dreams. :)



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2 responses to “9 to 5!

  1. Amy

    So happy for you Nikki! It really does sound perfect. Miss you lots!

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