a little of this, a little of that.

As promised, here are more knitting updates. I’m totally in love with the yarn in these next two projects — both skeins were purchased from what I deem the most amaaaaazing knitting store on earth. It’s called The Knitting Addiction, and it’s in the Outer Banks. Jeanne, the owner, is so knowledgeable and helpful. They have this incredible open door policy where you can basically come in and they’ll help you with anything, anytime. All that they ask is that you purchase materials from them! Just sit on the couch, talk to cool peeps, and learn how to knit rockin’ stuff. No scheduled classes, no hassle, just exactly what you need. Love it. This scarf is almost totally finished:

I’m also determined that I’m going to learn how to make socks, but since I’ve only ever knit rectangular things until last weekend, I figured I needed an in between project. So, with Jeanne’s help, I got started on an awesome slouchy hat. Here’s the work in progress:

Cool, huh? I have no idea how to finish it, but for now I’m just knitting happily away. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

In other news, this week has been busy! Al has a test tomorrow morning, I started taking a yoga class (which is big news for me – until now, I’ve adhered to a strict no-downward-dog-in-public policy), and we’ve been dog sitting. This is my parents’ dog, Raja:

While he hasn’t been miserable, the poor guy hasn’t exactly been relaxed either. Let’s just say that Charlie is just about the most lovable and friendly dog ever, and Raj can’t really handle it. The first night, he was barking like crazy every time Charlie sniffed him. And in case you’re wondering how often that was — Charlie followed him around for hours. To give you a frame of reference, here they are side by side:

Yeah. Raja is the size of Charlie’s head. See? You’d be freaked out too! The only time he rests is when we go to bed — and Roxie isn’t great at sharing so the two of them are mashed up beside me in the bed all night. It’s been a week to remember. :)

Happy almost weekend, lovies. I’m really going to faithfully re-enter the world of the back burner (aka post on a less sporadic schedule) soon. Promise.




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8 responses to “a little of this, a little of that.

  1. My ex used to knit…but all she could do was scarves and stuff like that because she had no idea how to do anything other than a strip of cloth. haha

    • haha, nathan, i know how she feels. i had to get some serious help for this hat i’m making — and goodness only knows how disastrous the socks will be. wish me luck!

  2. lauryn

    Ohmygosh. I saw the picture of Raja and gasped because I thought you had DYED ROXIE BLONDE. Phew!

  3. Ah, the color on the scarf that is almost finished remind me of one I used to have! So cute. Hey, I want Raja! The perfect companion for my own little Roxy…

    • isn’t he precious? he was so happy to get back home this weekend [read: free from the wrath of charlie] that i’m not sure he’ll ever come back here :(

  4. R

    Remember the time we dogsat for your mom? Every time I walked down the hall, I almost stepped on Raja. I thought I was going to break his neck every time, geez. Miss you and can’t wait to see you soon!

    • good old raj – he can sneak up on you, that’s for sure. he makes absolutely zero noise. even when he’s running. seeing you so soon! can’t wait, lady. :)

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