a million miles a minute.

since last friday…

1. bridesmaid dresses tried on, chosen, and ordered. YAY!

2. to go along with #1, a trip to dc with many of the best people i know.

3. finally, a restocking of the barren land that was our fridge. thank goodness for sam’s club and for alex pushing the cart. :)

3. a delicious dinner – and thankfully, plenty of leftovers. (see #5.)

4. a trip to the doctor’s office, and a bottle of eye drops. boo.

5. another new job. a second job, for bill-paying and peace of mind.

life is fast. i’m breathing deep and pushing through. more posts with pictures coming soon. promise.




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2 responses to “a million miles a minute.

  1. sara

    a second job? my goodness. it’s never just one with you is it?! cheers to your determination and to your happiness!

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