make your own.

A dinner* in pictures. Enjoy!

The dough!

The cheese! Look at the determination:

The pizza! YUM!

“Why did I eat so much pizza?”

Charlie’s turn:

Still waiting patiently. What a good dog!


So there you have it. The story of how Nikki and Al made pizza. Happy Wednesday!

*Note: I must admit, we were in a bit of a rush when making this pizza. We did mix the dough from a bag (sigh) and sauce from a can (delicious but certainly not homemade) – but the beauty of the project came from the time spent together in the kitchen, begging dogs afoot and weekday worries left behind in the office. Try making your own sometime – it’s worth it. Next, we’re doing it from scratch. :)



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4 responses to “make your own.

  1. Patty K.

    I’m pretty biased but that is one gorgeous Golden!!

  2. I have to say, I rather liked this post! Why? Cause the chronologically ordered pictures make it so GREAT! I want Charlie! He’d make such a good pal for my Roxy! :)

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