thursday is for celebrating.

Happy Thursday, lovelies. I hope yours has been as exciting as mine – and yes, exciting these days means that I look at my calendar and see that not a single thing is written inside today’s little 1-inch box. Today, I went to work, stayed busy, and came home to STAY home. Unheard of, given the state of my schedule over the past few weeks, and I’m drinking it up. I’ve never been so grateful to do laundry. :)

The celebratory nature of the day started when our Board president offered earlier this week to come in to help me finish my knitted hat (yes, the one I started in September). I had to use the dreaded double pointed needles to complete it, and didn’t know how. She is, luckily for me, quite the master knitter, and joined me in my office this afternoon to show me the ropes.

And then, because of her thoughtfulness and generosity, I was able to come home and finish the project. That’s right – I DID IT! I made a hat. You may remember that in August, Alex’s mom bought me a huge skein of this beautiful variegated yarn at the knitting store at the beach. She gave it to me as an early birthday present, in hopes that I’d be wearing something knit from it by my actual birthday. I barely made it, but it is my pleasure to present to you MY VERY FIRST HAT!

Can you believe that I made that? I mean, not to toot my own horn, but this thing totally rocks. It’s slouchy and comfy and seriously amazing. I can’t wait to use the rest of the yarn to make a matching scarf! My only wish is that we hadn’t chosen the ugliest backdrop in our entire apartment to take the pictures. Anyway.

And THEN, as I was working on the final rounds of the hat, Charlie and Roxie kindly (and loudly) let us know that there was a knock at the door. And what awaited me there but a shoebox – yes, a shoebox – that held a pair of Saffron-colored corduroy Toms.

My dearest and ever lovely friend Margaret surprised me (well, sort of :) ) with them by sending them straight to my door for my birthday! I’m already obsessed with them – no judging, I may still be wearing them around the house – and can’t wait to wear them non-stop.

And so there you have it – Thursdays (this one, at least) are clearly for celebrating. Thanks to a few generous ladies, an upcoming birthday, and a free evening at home, I’m on top of the world. Did I mention that I just took a batch of applesauce spice muffins out of the oven? This day is glorious. Hope yours is the same. :)




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8 responses to “thursday is for celebrating.

  1. That is a beautiful hat!! And I love your Toms! Happy Birthday, Nikki.

  2. R

    Yay for Thursdays! Your hat rocks; I’m super impressed! And yay for early birthday presents, wahoo!!

  3. lauryn

    this is my favorite post i think. I love the hat, and am jealous of those amazing toms! that color! wooo! i love it! how many more exclamations can I use?!

    • when you have time, you should start knitting again. we can be like old ladies together – drinking tea and knitting hats. except we can also be trendy old ladies because we will wear toms. you in? :)

  4. Love the hat and more importantly, your beautiful and infectious enthusiasm. You inspire me, lady!

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