fall + puppies = love.

I come to you today feeling famous. That’s right, famous. Here’s why:

After a year and a half of checking the lovely Katelyn James’ blog obsessively, I’M ON IT. Me, Al, and our furry babies finally got our photo shoot. I’ve been admiring Katelyn’s work since I was in Lauryn and Jared’s wedding last June, and was thrilled beyond belief when I got in touch with her this summer and found out she was available for our big day.

So, last Friday, we strolled around with Katelyn for a couple hours – and HERE ARE THE RESULTS! We had such a blast, and are totally in love with the pictures. I’ve been looking at them nonstop since she posted them yesterday. :)

So, hop on over to Katelyn’s blog – and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment on our post! If we get 100, we get a free large print! We’re at 15 now, so we have a long way to go!

PS: Disclaimer – if you visit her blog, be prepared to visit it again. And again. And again every single day. I’m serious. It happened to me. :)

PPS: Tell all your friends to comment, too! Hehe.




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3 responses to “fall + puppies = love.

  1. Nikki,
    Just left a comment! OMG, those shots are amazing! Now more than ever I’m convinced I want Roxie and Charlie! haha! You look absolutely radiant!

  2. becky

    beautiful beautiful pictures nikki! you two look sooooo stinkin happy!!! :) :) :) :)

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