and friends are calling!

Outside the snow is falling – and has given me the unexpected but perfectly timed break that is this day.

The road conditions got so bad so fast this morning that my boss sent us all home at about 10:30! I got a nap, made cupcakes, and have cleaned things up around the apartment. I am so thankful for this restful day! It’s so nice to be home, in pajamas, to refuel for the rest of the week and weekend.

My gratefulness for this little break is also due in part to the AMAZING time we had last night on our Tacky Light Tour with Down Under Limousine. It was SO fun and also hilarious in so many ways. Imagine 14 people (most of whom were celebrating the completion of their first full semester of graduate school), on a pimped-out minibus, listening to music ranging from holiday tunes to “Like a G6” (yes, I’m serious), drinking beverages including spiked cider and wine, and getting chauffeured around to see tacky lights. How epic is that?!?! And epic it was. So epic that I was almost late for work this morning. :)

And, on a completely unrelated note, please enjoy this picture of my adorable dog. She did this herself – no staging. And yes – she is ON the pillow and UNDER the stuffed animal. And as for the stuffed animal – don’t hate on Rabbie, ok?

Happy snow day! xo




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4 responses to “and friends are calling!

  1. Now who would hate on Rabbie? Can this picture be any more adorable!

  2. R

    If anybody hates on Rabbie, send them my way and I will take care of it. :) Don’t mess with Rabbie, or Teddy for that matter! I miss you!

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