a year of opportunity.

I’ve been gone for some time. I know, for too long. I’ve been overwhelmed – overwhelmed in a way that deep breaths and a glass of wine won’t fix. There’s been a lot going on, and I haven’t known quite how to be me in the meantime.

The good news is – the reasons for these feelings are  reasons to be thankful! I’m fortunate enough to be planning my wedding to the most amazing man I’ve ever met, who just so happens to be studying to be the most amazing physical therapist to ever grace the medical field. I’m fortunate enough to have two jobs that make it possible to take care of us and our puppies – even though a boss with the flu at job #1 and a co-worker who leaves with no notice at job #2 (all during the busiest time of the year) makes me want to skip both for a big long nap. I’m fortunate enough to have the option to attend a low-residency MFA program – if only I didn’t have to decide to make the time and financial commitment at this particular moment in history.

This is just a snapshot of where I’ve been since my last posts. We’ve also decided that our apartment isn’t the most financially responsible place for us to live at the moment (it’s our dream apartment, but the price definitely reflects that), so that’s something else to add to the list. We’re also starting to get more involved at our church, which is exciting as long as I can make sure I’ve got the time.

Anyway, the point of this isn’t to whine. This is my online, in-public deep breath – one that perhaps I should have taken quite some time ago. The point is to say that I’m ready for 2011. I’m ready for what’s to come. I might be stressed out, and I might continue getting overwhelmed, but I can do it. And I’m ready.

I don’t usually do this, but I wanted to share a little something that our pastor incorporated into his sermon last Sunday. He wrote a list of twelve things to keep in mind at the beginning of the year, and I figured you might enjoy them, too. Here are the short versions of my favorite ones:

1. Keep your promises. Your life’s meaning is built on them.

2. Make core commitments – find a few things that are of most importance to you and commit yourself fully.

5. Realize the significance of invisible things. Love, virtue, forgiveness, charity, civility, faith, hope. These things.

6. Among those things that are visible or tangible; family and close friends are the most important.

8. Don’t shrink back from what feels intimate and vulnerable. Say what you really feel and do so with sincerity and love.

So, for various reasons, these particular ones spoke to me. Yelled at me, really. They may seem corny, or silly even, but they were just what I needed. In other words – they were just what I needed after the month I’ve had. And so, on that note, here’s to both 2010 AND 2011. May we remember 2010 fondly and make the most of 2011 – cheers, lovelies. Thanks for still being here. xo



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6 responses to “a year of opportunity.

  1. Nikki, you truly have a gift for seeing the glass half-full!

  2. lauryn

    i love you!!! see you soon!!

  3. You realize that your gift of optimism is enviable, don’t you? When you’re able to see the silver lining in things, well…you’ve already won the race, my dear! Good for you! Oh, and thanks for sharing that list! Nothing but good stuff on it!

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