just a spoonful of sugar…


Seriously. Am I the only one who didn’t know this?

So here I am, Friday night, standing at work. Smiling, hosting, being exuberantly friendly as usual (duh) – and I’m overtaken. BY THE HICCUPS.

I get the hiccups a lot. At really inopportune times. And usually at night. Is that weird? Anyway, my hiccup tendency probably would never have bugged me if I hadn’t been working in restaurants for the past eight years – but it’s just really awkward to try and take an order (or check a coat, or direct someone to the restroom) while your body spasms and spits out a weird choking noise. Okay, okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating the horrible-ness of having the hiccups – but let’s just say I hate them. In case you hadn’t noticed.

So, back to the story. I get the hiccups at work, and I’m miserable. A co-worker runs by the hostess stand on the way to get a glass of wine for a customer. “How ya doin,’ girl?” he says. He expects a sarcastic answer, since its 10pm, I’m a hostess, and we don’t seat anyone for dinner after that time. “Terrible,” I say. “I have the hiccups.”

“Packet-a-sugar,” he calls casually, wine in hand on his way back from the bar.

I have no idea what he was talking about. Next time he comes by, he tosses two packets of sugar down in front of me. “Just eat one,” he says. “Hiccups’ll be gone.”

Now let me just say this – I’ve tried peanut butter, I’ve tried holding my breath, I’ve tried baking soda, I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Nothing gets rid of the hiccups. So I ate the stupid pack of sugar. AND THEY WERE GONE.

Gone. Totally and completely gone. Like they’d never been there. My co-worker is my new best friend. And the hiccups are my favorite new enemy. Muah ha haaaaaaaa.

But seriously, it was awesome. And even more seriously – am I the only one who didn’t know about this?

Happy Tuesday. May you not have the hiccups. And if you do – may you have a spoonful of sugar on hand. :) xo



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4 responses to “just a spoonful of sugar…

  1. R

    Dude, this is wonderful news; I was unaware of this healthy benefit of sugar. Hip hip hooray!

  2. I do know about this. I believe it’s the scratchiness of the sugar–don’t let it dissolve before you choke it down.
    You’re a funny chick, Nikki!

  3. You poor thing! And yes, I’ve heard about the sugar cure but never took it seriously. So it really works? I’m glad you were able to test the theory and report back to us! You are sweet!

  4. Benita Payne

    Hello Miss Nikki, thanks for the sugar tip. I must pass this on to my husband! Now maybe we can get some sleep. I will put packets of sugar on his night stand!! :)

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