i want words.

I want to write. You all know that. You have all also probably realized that the writing on this blog has been sub-par. Barely existent, and sub-par. I have been busy, and tired, and feeling sorry for myself.

But today is a good day. I worked hard all day – which is my favorite kind of day (who likes being bored?), I went on a run with my little family (yes, including Roxie), Alex taught me how to box in our basement (I basically am totally ready to kick some butt – sike!), and now I am feeling motivated. Anyway, I digress. Back to my original point.

I want to write. I want to get an MFA because it will make me write. I want to make time for writing because I WANT TO WRITE. I want to write because I love writing.

But here’s the thing. To write, one must read. And I have discovered (thanks, Mom!) that I can get audiobooks online for free with my library card. Since I have a Mac, my options are limited because of the formatting junk, but either way I would like to listen to some and read some. After all, though it’s nice to be able to “read” and knit at the same time, there’s nothing quite like a book in your hand.

So, I’m looking for suggestions. Recommendations. Orders. Tell me what you’ve read recently, and tell me why I’d like it. Or tell me why I’d hate it but I should read it anyway. Tell me anything to get my “must read” list started. I know you have lists of books in your head, just waiting to be recommended – so I beg you. Recommend them to me. :)


And thank you. In advance!




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5 responses to “i want words.

  1. Michael

    I love to read. I’ve found lately that books are one of my passions. Tracy Kidder is an awesome author if you haven’t checked him out. Two of my personal favorites of his are Mountains Beyond Mountains and Strength in What Remains. I also really dig Farley Mowatt. Two of his books I love are Never Cry Wolf and Born Naked. I’m sure I’ll think of more later..There’s a start..

  2. Nikki, what do you like? That is key!! For light reading, Sandra Dallas is good. For thrillers, I love Nelson Demille, Ken Follett, Baldacci. For mystery, William Kent Krueger is my new love. For classics, (I know you love F. Scott, too!) have you read The Count of Monte Cristo? I could never get tired of that book.
    For something more literary, you simply MUST read “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt. I’ll meet you at the library someday and we can go through the stacks!!! If you’ve never read Erich Segal “Doctors” you should. Oldie but goodie. “Watchers” by Dean Koontz is a must for all dog lovers.
    Oh, goodness, there are so many! Call on me anytime–it’s what I do!

  3. lauryn

    the glass castle is very good. didnt like half broke horses as much, although it did help me understand her mother.

    the book thief.
    the bean trees.
    three cups of tea.
    sarahs key.
    same kind of different as me.
    water for elephants.
    the devil in the white city<—reading now. havent finished. not sure about it yet.

  4. you guys are AWESOME. so many great books! thank you! xoxo

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