i have no shame. no, really.

Okay, so I realize that this is the second time in just a few months that I’ve asked for your help in an online contest, but hey – read the title of this post! In case you can’t tell, I get REALLY excited about this kind of thing. :) Anyway, here’s the good news – this one is even easier! All you have to do it go to the Crate & Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest page and CLICK THE BIG PINK BUTTON! If you’re logged into Facebook, you can vote right away – if not, either log in to FB or set up a login on the C&B site! Seriously, try it. It’s so much fun! (Yes, I linked to our entry twice. And I may do it again. Hehe.)

Anyway, if we get tons of votes and people love the 500-character ditty I wrote about “our love story,” we get either a $100,000 wedding (only one of those is given out, of course) or some super awesome gift cards to be redeemed for a whole bunch of Crate & Barrel loot. Which would totally rock my world. So, I ask you beg you (pretty pretty please? with sugar on top?) to VOTE FOR US! Okay, that was the last link. Promise. :)

But since I know you might need a little teaser – here’s an even better reason to visit the site. The first question the entry form says is “Tell us your love story.” Here’s the first line of ours:

We met in college. I was a nerd, and he was drinking beer from an empty liquor bottle.

Come on. You know you wanna read the rest! xo



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2 responses to “i have no shame. no, really.

  1. Patty K.

    You were not a nerd, Nikki!! But I will go vote right now! I once won a $10,000 room makeover, so hopefully I will transfer some luck to you!

  2. R

    Voted. Check. If I could vote more than once, I would, but Crate & Barrel threw the hammer down. Oh, and awesome story, by the way.

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