another something new.

It’s true – I’ve been not-so-great at keeping up with Sibling Saturday. And so, after a brief chat with J this weekend, we’ve decided to discontinue it for now. For various reasons, we’re taking a break from our weekly photo journal.

That being said, although I sometimes stunk at getting the post actually posted on Saturdays, it was nice to have a reason I needed to post every week. Anyone have any ideas for a new series? Before you start brainstorming, I should tell you – I really like alliteration. :)

Happy Sunday!



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2 responses to “another something new.

  1. lauryn

    wedding wednesday….? you could post about all the things you guys have planned or would like to do.

  2. Oh no! I loved Sibling Saturday! :(
    How about a sort of countdown to the wedding day sort of postings with details of what gets done, has to be done, has no chance of getting done…:)

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