there’s always tomorrow!

And all day tomorrow, that’s what I’ll be telling myself! Tomorrow is the day of our huge fundraiser at work – and Friday is going to be delightful. Because I’ll be kicking up my feet for the weekend. After working on Friday and before working on Saturday, of course. Anyway, I literally started working on this event my first day on the job back in August, and I can’t believe it’s really almost here!

Frighteningly enough, I have been DREAMING about this event. Every night for about a week, I’ve dreamt that I was at it – and each time it’s a little different. Mind you, I don’t WANT to be dreaming about work, but I’ve basically been eating, sleeping, and breathing it the past couple of weeks. It’s the sixth annual shindig, but my first time attending, so I’ve heard quite a lot about it.

My guess is that tomorrow will be about a 15 hour day. No biggie, right? And hopefully I will come home, late and exhausted and relieved and PROUD. Back to semi-normal life soon (which hopefully means a semi-normal blogging schedule…can I get a witness?) – xoxo, lovies. So glad you’re here.



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