in review.

I’ve been gone too long. Again. I’m sorry. But I do have lots of updates! In the past week:

1. The event was a great success. Almost 700 people attended, and fun was had by all. No disasters. Not even one.

2. I enjoyed the evening after the event a little too much, if you know what I mean. My 2pm Saturday shift at work came WAY too early. But you know – it was worth it. Good wine and good company is always worth it, right? :)

3. I finally looked up some inspiration images for the flowers and decorations for our wedding. I have these ideas in my head, and I sometimes forget that only I can see them. For a peek of what I’m dreaming about, see here and here.

4. I went to a bridal makeup consultation at Saks 5th Avenue here in Richmond. It was fun – I felt weird. Makeup application for me consists of a little blush, a mark of eyeliner, and a quick swab of mascara. She worked on my face for AN HOUR. Hahahaha. Fun and girly (and pretty, of course) but a very different experience than anything I’ve ever done before! I’m thankful La was with me for moral support. And, come to think of it, I emailed that lady and haven’t heard back…note to self. Follow up. Moving on…

5. Alex and I had our first meeting with the pastor from our church that’s going to officiate our wedding. It went really well – inspiring and exciting and interesting and fun. Quite the combination, yes?

6. I think I’m out of things to report. Oh, I made a vegetable soup. It’s good. I’m making Alex and Josh eat it with me all week. I’ve become a big fan lately of cooking a giant something at the beginning of the week and eating it for days. Makes for more relaxing evenings – even though I haven’t had a reeeeeeally relaxing evening in a few weeks.

So, there you have it. The past eight days in review. How has YOUR eight days been?



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  1. I loved reading what you’ve been up to in the last week! The makeup consultation sounds like fun! I had my makeup professionally done the first time around and I felt so pretty! I’m sure that’s how you felt as well! Am I right? :)

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