on the road again.

Today I went to work. I came home for lunch, and unwrapped two boxes of books for my program. (!!!) I ate a bowl of slightly bland (not my best effort) potato soup from last night, and went back to work. I had my favorite kind of day at work – busy all day, so busy that I even have things to work on the minute I walk in tomorrow. I left work, and picked up Carrie. We went to a free yoga class at my old office. I came home, made a comprehensive list of my reading for this semester (!!! again – sorry, I’m excited!), and made dinner. It was much more yummy than last night’s potato soup, if I do say so myself. Then I sat on the couch with Al and Roxie and watched Grey’s Anatomy. Embarrassing, perhaps. Enjoyable? Absolutely. :)

And after a run-of-the-mill and yet quite fulfilling day, I’m rested and prepared for tomorrow – tomorrow we’re going to Charlottesville! I’m actually heading there for a sorority function – again, no judging, okay? t’s going to be awesome. Totally awesome. I can’t wait to see so many of my favorites and breathe a big long breath of that C-ville air. I have a weekend off, and I’m going to use it. I’m going to use it well. :)

Tomorrow is just the beginning. Cheers!



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3 responses to “on the road again.

  1. Sara

    Jealous! I want to go to Charlottesville. I am actually applying for jobs in the area. I miss it desperately – especially the random runnings into amazing people. I remember looking at a menu along the downtown mall once and struck up a conversation with a girl doing the same and she ended up being a Ph.D. in Philosophy so we chatted for a while.

    Also, what books are you reading? I am excited too. Share the reading list love my dear. I love to see what others are reading. I keep little moleskins in my clutch along with a pen just in case I hear or see a book or quote or author that I might want to read into further.

    Okay the never stops. Just open brackets, no at all.

  2. Sara

    My weird brackets didn’t show up. How sad. I kept doing (/nerd) but with the bloody sideways carrots! Oh well.

  3. I’m reading this post and I can’t but feel your enthusiasm! You’re psyched lady, and it shows! I hope it’s contagious. God knows I need some lively enthusiasm on my end!

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