writer’s wednesday [lee]

Alas, what you’ve all been waiting for!

[Okay, actually that should be more like “Alas, what I’ve been waiting to come up with!” – but I digress.]

Anyway, here we are. Welcome to the back burner‘s new weekly post. Since I am a student again – gulp – I have lots of reading to do. And when I say lots, I really mean it. As in, the larger portion of 16 books. BY THE END OF MAY.

I may or may not have lost my mind.

And so, to keep myself on track when it comes to reading and blogging and trying to convince myself that I have, in fact, NOT lost my mind, I hereby begin writer’s wednesday. Every Wednesday, I’ll share a quote from whatever book I’m reading – which will hopefully be a new one each week. I might post a quote because I like the way its letters reflected off the page, or because it made me cry, or because I couldn’t make sense of it. I might [read: I will] pick quotes for different reasons depending on the weather and my mood and the way my brain’s working that day.

It’s going to be fun – you’ll know what I’m reading, I’ll be forced to keep up with my reading so that you don’t call me out, and you may spend Thursday wondering “Why on did Nikki choose that quote?”

Because here’s the big idea. I’m going to try (if you’ve read more than one post here you know it will be hard) to only post the quote. No explanations, no responses. Just the quote. Possibly who said it, maybe even if you’re lucky who said it to whom. It might be a big fat long quote, it might be one sentence. I’ll try to remember to link to a place you can buy a copy of the book if you are so enthralled by the quote I choose that you can’t bear not to read the rest. But just the quote.

Today is, of course, an exception. After all, it’s the introductory post. It comes from a classic, the last non-assigned book I read (and probably the last I’ll read in a while).  But I’m done jabbering – enjoy the first edition.

“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”

– Scout on reading
To Kill A Mockingbird
, Harper Lee





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6 responses to “writer’s wednesday [lee]

  1. Nikki! This will be fun–I love quotes!

  2. Lauryn

    Two things. I love this new series. And i love that quote. One of my favs from that book. Love love love. :-)

  3. Nikki, looking forward to this feature! To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books! I for one am very excited about your new classes and that we can also partake in the process! :)

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