writer’s wednesday [brox]

“As I worked I’d uncover keepsakes of his in the drawers of the desk or tucked away among his ledgers and files. His original birth certificate, the death notices of his close friends who had gone before him, his own father’s timepiece with its etched copper backing worn fine and the crystal clouded over – mute things that had lost the one who could best speak for them. From now on they’ll only be partially understood, same as the stories I can no longer verify that were mostly his alone. ‘No one believes me,’ I remember him saying, ‘but I stood by the Bay of Fundy on the eve of the war and saw apples coming in on the tide. The bay was full of apples. The ships had dumped their cargoes to take on supplies for the war.’ That’s all I know. And no matter how much, I want to know more.”

-from Five Thousand Days Like This One, Jane Brox


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  1. Nikki, give us an update on your classes, please! Love the quotes!

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