we’re really richmonders.

I know what you’re thinking. “Hmm, a random backyard.” Or maybe “Why is Alex using that weird tool?” Actually it might be more like “Why is Nikki up on that ladder? Didn’t they just paint their apartment last summer?” Or probably “Nikki’s dad looks pretty jolly about that carpet – I wonder why!”

Well, no more secrets, people. Get ready for it. THAT’S OUR BACKYARD. And Alex is scraping wallpaper from the hallway walls in OUR NEW HOUSE. And I’m painting that lovely bluish teal on the walls of OUR NEW LIVING ROOM. And my dad’s thumbs up (at 8am today) is due to the fact that a) he’s next to a van full of new carpet and b) he’s standing in OUR DRIVEWAY.

That’s right. WE HAVE A HOUSE! Alex and I started looking a few months ago, and have been waiting for our March 15 closing date for weeks now. And finally – it’s really ours! There is work to be done, there are projects to complete – but most importantly, there’s a house to make a home. Our home. Our new home. Consider this your electronic, arms-wide-open welcome. You’ll be seeing a lot of it from now on. :)

Happy Sunday! xo

PS: Yes, I purposely chose picture that hardly show anything. Cruel, I know. More to come. :)



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7 responses to “we’re really richmonders.

  1. Sara

    A house! Whoa. Your life is all sorts of excitement! Use some of those fabulous Anthropolgie catalogues for inspiration! Congrats!

  2. Nikki girl, this is YOUR year! Congratulations, darlin’! Things are coming up roses for you, I know it! And hurry up and post those pictures! Pretty please! :)

  3. Sara

    QUOTE Give me a QUOTE – for Wednesdays. Also, I miss you too. If you are ever in the Norfolk va area, give me a buzz and we can meet up for a moment. xoxo

  4. R

    I saw the finished living room, and the color in the photo does NOT do it justice! So excited about the new house!

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